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Personally, I would not recommend the SRG's. We have a client with one now and it was a real hassle to even get it to work. They have two offices, one in NYC and the other in Florida. The Florida office was constantly complaining about not be able to transfer calls, garbled voicemails and a host of other problems.

I think the BCM is a better product at the moment.

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My employer is currently considering moving to a VoIP platform for a bunch of sites across Europe. One of the big decision points for us is whether we should go for a centralised architecture (based on Succession with SRGs at the remote sites), or go for a more independent system based on BCM hardware.

We're talking about 7 sites across Europe, with 130 people at the largest, 50 at the next largest, and 5-10 at the rest.

Any thoughts/suggestions on which platform we should be aiming for?

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AndyC the WB

i are you going to have voip trunks over the internet? if i were you i would go for the cs1000s at the main site and BCM50 at the remote sites. nikos

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Nikos Koulioumbis

Hi Andy,

I would go for the CS1000S on the mainsite and a CS1000B brach on the site with 50 people, and depending on the size of the other site and the nescesary for a local break-out or not, SRG or just an IP-set on the Branch or Main-office. The quality of your VOIP depends on what kind of connections you got betweeen the sites. It's for every VOIP-system imported that QOS is supported in your LAN and WAN-connections.

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BCM 400 at the main and BCM200/BCM50 at the branch offices.

Simpler set up, no GK required, cheaper to deploy...

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I'd have to agree with Ray on this one.

~ Michael

Ray wrote:

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Michael Andrews

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