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I want to change the Company greeting from a remote location. Can this be done and if so how.

Second question. I know how to do this internally with a .wav file but can't find any docs on how to do this from an extension in the office.


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You can do this by dialing the Voice Item Maintenance number. If you don't know it, you can find it in your SDN table (hopefully you set one up. :) If not, you'll need to enter it in (any available DID will do) and then ACD the DID to route to CallPilot in the NCFW field (whatever your CallPilot number is to listen to messages).

When you dial the number it will ask you for the "Application ID" and password. Then you can edit the Voice Items inside the application by accessing it with it's Item ID.

Hopefully this helps, Mike

Robert R Kircher, Jr. wrote:

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Thanks for the reply... Unfortunately I'm a real newbie to this so you lost me with all the abbreviations. :(



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Robert R Kircher, Jr.

SDN = Service Directory Number: This is an entry in CallPilot that tells the system what kind of service the number is pointing to. Open the CallPilot webpage, log in as the Admin, and select "System >

Service Directory Numbers" from the menu. In that list are all the Service DNs your system has programmed. You're looking for the one with the "App Name" of "Voice Item Maintenance". If you have one programmed, all you probably need to do is dial that number from a phone inside your PBX (it's likely also a DID (see below) so you'll also be able to call in from outside to make changes).

ACD = Automatic Call Distributor: For this particular problem, let's say that you don't have the Voice Item Maintenance number programmed. So you enter a DID in the SDN table and point it to the Voice Item Maintenance application. But now you need to tell the switch to forward all calls to this number to CallPilot. There's probably better ways to do this, but I go to LD 23 and create a NEW entry of TYPE ACD. All I change are the MAXP field to be 1 and NCFW to whatever extension it is you use to dial CallPilot (in our case, 7500). Now when someone calls that number it forwards to CallPilot with the information of the ACD line it came in on, automatically grabbing the correct app from the SDN table.

DID = Direct Inward Dial. This is a number that is dialable from the outside world. Your phone extension is a DID, whereas numbers that are internal only are not.

NCFW = Night Call ForWarding: This is the ACD option that tells the PBX where to route calls if an ACD queue is unmanned. In this case, the ACD queue we created will never be manned, so it will always forward to CallPilot while carrying along with it the information of the queue (which CallPilot uses to figure out which SDN to execute).

Hope that clears things up a little, Mike

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