Route member indication on 2250 console??

Hi all. i m running option 61 c with 2 operator console 2250. I have a rote RDB=50 with 20 members(COT Lines. Now customer wants that if any member of this route is busy then it should be sho on console any key vice versa if all members or some members of this route are busy then it must be shown on console keys. Can i programme console ICI key for individual trunk member status??? if yes then how??? another thing is that is it possible to access/pick individual trunk from console key for dial out like we programmed a hot key on M3904 for trunk to get access of trunk??? i m stuck at this point is this possible and how??? Can i create a lock code for console like electronic lock for extensions???(besides disconnecting hand set), customer wants that they should be able to lock console by some code take cares and regards

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