Problem with Console Port on 2620

Ok got a good one for y'all here...

Doing some stuff for BCRAN exam and i pasted a config into the wrong line. Get this, i set the clockspeed on line 0 (CONSOLE) to 115200 instead of setting it on line 2 (ASYNC-SERIAL)...

Immediately after i entered the command the terminal died as it would, and wouldnt let me correct the mistake. Ive rebooted the router and the config hadnt been saved, but now i just keep getting garbled text in the terminal window, something along the lines of:


Have i in my stupidity fried the console port or is there some other way to solve this? (i.e. some sort of hardware flash process or something?!?)

Cheers Mark McK.

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Managed to get it sorted, used a different app to connect to the terminal and set the speed to 115200 instead of 9600.. Logged in and reset it back....

Phew... was worried there for a minute!


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Wouldn't have resetting the baud rate in your terminal app to 115200 have got you going?

Otherwise, you should be able to reset the console baud rate through the bootrom as well.

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