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Hi group,

I want to see my debug logs on my 1760 on a telnet connection, and not the rs232 console port anymore. Is this possible, and how ?

Thanks for any input !

- Chris

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On 16.10.2006 20:20 Chris wrote

Do a

my1760# terminal ? ...

monitor Copy debug output to the current terminal line no Negate a command or set its defaults

I.e. "terminal monitor" to receive debug output and "no terminal monitor" to turn this feature off.


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Arnold Nipper


terminal monitor ! is the way to go

however you may also need to make sure that the "monitor" logging level is correct although "debugging" is the default.

router#sh log

Monitor logging: level debugging, 0 messages logged, xml disabled, filtering disabled

Finally, and surprisingly, to turn it off it is not " no term mon" but is

term no mon


Example #sh term

Capabilities: none

#term mon

#sh term

Capabilities: Receives Logging Output

#term no mon #sh term

Capabilities: none

Good luck.

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"Terminal no monitor" actually.

Arnold Nipper wrote:

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As others have noted, use the exec command "terminal [no] monitor" to control whether the syslog output appears in your vty.

Use the global config mode command "[no] logging console" to control whether the syslog output appears on the console port. In general, it is best practice to have "no logging console" in effect on a production router. This is because router activity will pause to dequeue console messages, so if the router is generating syslog messages at a higher rate than the console port can dequeue them, you will experience a seemingly "hung" router.


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