OTM 2.2 configuration issue?

I'm having problems with some functions under Optivity 2.2, and looking for help.

My node is running Succession 4.0 Media card and signalling server have been configured through element manager, and the file transfer in Element Manager (bootptab and config file) was successful.

The problems I'm having involve some OTM2.2 navigator communications with the node. I configured site and switch correctly (I think). I am able to open the system window, click the connection, log in and pull status from cards. I cannot update the PC from the node. When the scheduled job runs, I get a -very- brief popup window with: 'connection with server could not be established' and then the window closes. I'm not 100% sure of the text in the window, it isn't open long enough to be sure. However, as mentioned, I can connect (and log in), and can almost pull files through individual component windows (see below).

IP Telephony->Add new node->Retrieve active node gives me a parsing error: Initializing the Node Properties file transfer process for ... ...leader card with TN= checking if card is busy SNMP return code:0 Card is ready for file transfer file transfer is in progress . . . . Released the file transfer lock successfully. Node properties file transfer is completed. |

---> Completed retrieving Bootptab (timestamp here) Started parsing the retrieved bootptab file. Parse error: Failed in parsing bootptab file. Node is not completely retrieved.

(Note that the node was configured under element manager and transferred to the media card without issue, so I should be able to retrieve it).

ITG IP Phones->Add ITG Node->Retrieve active config... as above, but the parsing error text is slightly different: (clipping initial text) Released the file transfer lock successfully. Node properties file transfer is completed.

---> Completed retrieving Bootptab (timestamp) Started parsing the retrieved bootptab file. Parser error: bootptab file is not version 2.0 Node is not completely retrieved

IP Telephony->Add new node (adding a node manually) My configured site appears in the pulldown My configured system does not (pulldown is blank) Unable to proceed with a manual config

At this point, I'm not sure if these sets of errors (unable to sync the system, unable to pull or create IP telephony nodes) are related, or if I caused them by misconfiguring. Any insight here? I'm especially focused on the parse errors of the pulled bootptab file. I've opened the file (on the PC) in an editor, and the format appears to be consistant with what I'd expect, but I'm not an expert.

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For the ITG issues, make sure that you don't have any 3rd party FTP server software running on the machine. This may not be your problem, but you can definitely run into these types of issues if you have any FTP server apps running. As far as the other issue is concerned: Are you able to retrieve? If not, maybe you should focus focus on making sure that the user and password are configured properly in the Customer Tab. When you figure it out, let us know.


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Well, I made a point of going into the 'add/remove windows components' and killing the FTP module before attempting to make it go. From the transfer spam, it looks like I'm receiving the first file (Bootptab) fine, which implies the transfer process is ok, then failing to parse. Admittedly, if there was a filetransfer corruption or something, that would also explain the parse error (but I did open the bootptab on the PC after it failed to parse, and it didn't look like it'd been corrupted).

I don't believe I've gotten to the customer tab config in OTM yet, since I can't get the telephony node (and the ITG IP Phone) node fully configured thanks to this set of problems.

I will keep the list posted if I find an answer independantly, thanks for the initial reply. :)

-- Paul

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