Option 11C outbound caller ID issue

I have an issue where I had ported over to a new carrier (X/O) who does not allow calls with caller ID with numbers outside the DID or BTN range. The issue is that when I dial local 7 digit numbers, the CLID is only

7 digits and X/O will not process the call. The work around is to dial 11 digits, and that is a pain and not to mention plays hell for LD billing. I am looking for someone that can help me figure a way to set all calls regardless of how many digits to send the full 10 digit BTN. I have limited Nortel knowledge and I have searched for answers with no success. If you think you can help me out, please email me at luvencl at hotmail dot com Thanks in advance, I realty appreciate it. Lu

Option 11C Release 25 PRI

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If you are still stuck, log in to your Nortel PBX and print this - post it


REQ: prt TYPE: clid CUST: 0 SIZE ? RNGE: 0 1

Whatever comes out, post here -

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