Nortel Contivity / VPN Router and VRRP Deactivate feature

Hi everybody,

I'm having a hard time configuring VRRP across a pair of Contivity / VPN routers. For the most part it works, however there is one failure scenario that I'm unable to get working.

Here is a picture that describes what I'm trying to get working, and specifically the one failure scenario does not work:

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Is there anyone out there that knows of the VRRP Deactivate feature and exactly how it works? I am unable to find documentation on Nortel's site that illustrates what exactly the VRRP Deactivate feature does. You can find the VRRP Deactivate option by clicking the Details button for an Interface Group. You can either deactivate the entire group or any one interface within the group.

I'm thinking I have to enable the VRRP Deactivate feature on the public interface, such that when a VRRP failover occurs it will deactivate the public interface forcing the tunnel to drop and a complete failover to occur.

I've created an interface group containing the public interface with VRRP deactivate enabled on that interface. I've applied that interface group as a Critical Interface Group within the VRRP configuration of the Master VRRP VPN device.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,


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