i2004 phase 1 to phase 2 upgrade


do you know if this is doable?

the IP Phone is ntdu82aa with integrated switch

thanks in advance

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Not sure what you mean by doable? If you mean can you buy a phase 2 and use it to replace your phase 1, the answer would be yes. If you mean do some kind of firmware upgrade, I think the answer would be no.

If the phase 2 i2004s are anything like the phase2 i2002s, it's a step backwards in terms of hardware quality.

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Onion Knight

Phase 2 sets have more intelligence and local flash storage in them, as well as 802.3af PoE support, so I would agree that there is no simple firmware upgrade.

That makes me wonder. Do the Phase 2 i2004s have a better designed base/angle adjustment that doesn't suck?

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Chuck R. Anderson

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