Free Help for to the New MI Admin/Tech

Simply a present to others who are facing the mystery I faced 24 years ago. I remember calling my boss asking what I did or if I could have caused a problem when I bumped the TTY. It said OVL111 45 BKDG

If you are new, you can get this and use it until things start to make sense. If you work with a new M1 person, you will appreciate a tool that will answer the common questions and help them move past the mystery of overlays - they will appreciate knowing the question must be good if it ain't in INTROVERLAY.

Get it here

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Yes another free service of
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- I do not link to it from yet. Waiting for the initial surge to pass.

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Wow, thanks. I don't need it right this second, but that could change at any moment.

FYI, I have been the phone administrator for just about a year now, and it's tough, because, it's not my only hat. I am also desktop support, network support, photoshop guru, and the "If it's technical, take it to Kendal" person. It's a fun job, but it doesn't give me time to really sit down and learn anything. So, anytime anything goes wrong, unless it's just something I have done over and over, it's pull out the manual time, and ask on here. And I have been given some really good advice on here.

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