EAPOL in wired network.


I am trying to enable EAPOL in one of the ports (port no 19) of Baystack 425-24T switch. I am using RADIUS server for authentication. When I validate key between switch and RADIUS server it is getting through.. so I feel there is no problem in communication between switch and RADIUS server.

In switch I am using the following configuration :

BS425_24#show radius-server Primary Host: Secondary Host: Port: 1645 Key: ImtiEAPOL

BS425_24#show eapol port 19 EAPOL Administrative State: Enabled Admin Admin Oper ReAuth ReAuth Quiet Xmit Supplic Server Max Port Status Auth Dir Dir Enable Period Period Period Timeout Timeout Req

---- -------- ---- ----- ---- ------ ------ ------ ------ -------

------- ---

19 F Unauth No Both Both Yes 3600 60 30 30 30 2 BS425_24#

When i connect a laptop(Windows 2000 prof) in port 19, it is not getting connected to the network also I am not being challenged for EAPOL authentication.

Is any special setup to be done in laptop or any changes to be made in switch configuration?

regards, Thiyagu.

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Windows 2000 does not support EAPoL unless you upgrade to service 3 (or maybe 4). Once you upgrade, you might still need to start the wireless configuration service before you see the 'Authentication' tab show up in your network properties. Hope this helps.


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