Connection to Unified Manager

I have lost connection to the Unified Manager on a remote BCM in my network.
This is not a network problem but a problem on the BCM inself. It is
running 3.7. What is the recommended way to remotely reboot the system or
enable connection once again to the Unified Manager. I imagine it has
Any advise would be appreciated.
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Marc Burling
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Good afternoon.
Do you have IP phones registered in your BCM? Do the connection between BCM and IP Phones lost too? I have a problem in BCM50 here in Brazil, This problem was caused because The BCM has DHCP server enabled in conflict with other DHCP on network, but it easy discovery the problem because all set=B4s in BCM regitration off. It=B4s very important verify all Patches in your system, this can fix your problem.
Sergio Marquete
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If UM is the only thing that stopped working you should go to maintenance and find the link to reset MIS server. This will restart the UM service. Sometimes it stops working if you don't properly logoff a previous session. Time to upgrade to 4.0 too, 3.7 will be discontinued soon ;)
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