CLID do not appear in CDR record

In cdr record for incoming calls on a PRI rute, incoming number do not appear.

I have an 11C (VERSION 2121 RELEASE 3 ISSUE 00 + ) Now i have : ld 17: parm, clid no ; ld 16:.. cdr yes, inc:yes..

When i want to change (to clid yes):

ld 17

REQ chg TYPE parm LPIB

FCDR old PCDR no TPO no TSO no DUR5 no

it jummps over line where i should change to clid yes (prompt for clid do not appear).

What i should do? Any ideeas?

thank you regards Ciprian Cordea telecom engineer

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I am not sure , but try to .. chg FCDR to NEW and see if you got the CLID prompt


"Ciprian" schreef in bericht news:

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FCDR OLD is not supported for Rls3.0 and up.


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" October 2003 Standard 1.00. This document is a new NTP for Succession 3.0. It was created to support a restructuring of the Documentation Library. This document contains information previously contained in the following legacy document, now retired: Call Detail Recording: Description and Formats .... .... ....

This NTP contains information about systems, components, and features that are compatible with Succession 3.0 Software.


Text above is how CDR document begins. My gues is that release 3.0 support CLID for old CDR format. In section refering old CDR format, CLID is prezent in description. With right config (in LD 17, LD 16) CLID info should appear even in FCDR is old. My problem is that: in LD17 CLID prompt does not appear for CHG, but when printed in LD22 it appear (CLID no)

I have meet this problem previos (on this group), but the rezolution is not prezent.

Thank you for your ideeas, if any more please write.


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