Call Pilot 4.04

How is it possible that a user with a defined 10 minute maximum can a user acccount get into a state like I have displayed below?


Storage used: 1476.20 % Number of messages in mailbox: 355 Total Available: 10 minutes Total system resources used: 147.62 minutes

Thx in advance,

john mitchell

begin 666 to_top.gif M1TE&.#EA"@`*`(#_`,# P'=W=R'Y! $`````+ `````*``H```(3A!%QF[G8

5G(D1TG;JTPQOWTE `0`[WTE `0`[ ` end
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Because they've got 355 messages with an average length of less than 20 seconds. Unless you disable the ability to take messages with a full mailbox, the only thing the limit does is keep the user from forwarding or composing messages when they reach the limit.

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I agree with Bob, but I'm also thinking of something to do with COS per mailbox. Not sure if I am thinking of a different phone system though......

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Thx Bob, I over looked the option to "Block Call Answering When Mailbox is Full". I assume the caller will simply hear a generic message saying the mailbox is full when this is enabled? What will happen to everyone that has exceeded the limit allotted that are in that class? Hopefully it will not affect the existing messages.

Thx again

John Mitchell

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They'll be stuck with the messages they have, and won't get new ones until they clean up the mess.

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