Alteon config needed

We have several Alteons load balancing several web servers on inbound connectivity.

Up until now not connectivity originated from the webservers behind the alteons (out to the Internet anyway) Web servers are Private IP addresses and the virt IP's are registered one's.

We have one application needs to connect back out from the private IP web server(s) to systems at other remote locations, need to have the source IP be the virtual IP on the alteon that is used for inbound connectivity. This application recieves connectivity from the remote sources but also will originate the connectivity from the local web servers at times also.

Anyway to have that specifc traffic hide behine the specifc virt IP for those web servers group ?

Thanks for any help.

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You can use the filter function. At a filter, you can setup a proxy IP which equals with your virtual IP. When the private server initials a connection to the remote site, the packet will trigger filter and the source IP of that server will be replaced by proxy IP. Therefore, the remote site will receive packets with source IP which equals virtual IP.

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