Xantech MRC88 Controller Amplifiers

I have available 3 Xantech MRC88 Controller Amplifiers which retail for

>$5000, available at a substantial savings for the serious buyer. > > This is an eight source - eight zone controller / amplifier designed to be > the heart of the whole-house entertainment distribution system and capable > of controlling every major system in the home from security, lighting, > entertainment, and climate control. > > Available also are the contol panels and some of the much desired > accessories. > > Email me directly at snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com for additonal informaion and > current availability. Also available are Denon receivers (many models > available) as well as Sonance in the wall and in the ceiling speakers. > > These are NOT stolen, unauthorized, out the back door, gray market, black > market etc. These are legitimate, warrentied and if needed i will post on > eBay for YOUR PROTECTION and MINE. > > Not everything that is sold at a discount has to carry a concern as my > competitors want you to believe.

Be aware of slander from "OFFICIAL RAM BLUEBOOK VALUATION"

Infamous for posting messages saying LEGITIMATE sales people are scam artists. Do a Google for the truth on him, searching under GROUPS.

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Thank you to the other LEGIT dealers who have since warned me about this headache. Together, we will continue to bring discounts to customers through LEGIT, LEGAL means. i post my real name, address, phone number, email address, verified paypal and ebay account, why doesn't he?


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Xantech MRC 88
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