Xantech - Urgent help needed

Hi everyone,

I'm having big trouble. I'm trying to teach a pronto the ir commands of the RC68+ in order to control a MRC88. Everytime I try to "learn" my pronto the commands straight from the RC68+ i get a different Hex code and no matter what code I get I have no guarantee it'll work: sometimes it will, most of the time it wont. And even those times it works, I cannot reproduce in the 2 differentes environments I'm working: The customer's house AND my workshop. I already called xantech tech support and the have no clue at all. It's my opinion that the only logical solution is to get the hex code for the ir commands and just type or copy/paste in the pronto pro ns software, but i cannot find the hex code anywhere, and the dragon MRC software is of no help.

The Xantech's tech support guy put me on hold for like 20 minutes and he couldnt even find out wheather somebody in the company DOES have the hex code. How about sharing this info?

I even tried teaching the pronto through the MRC88. Even worse because the pronto wasnt even able to learn any command at all.

Again, I think the best would be to put my hands on the hex code for those ir commands. I would really appreciate if any of u guys could give me a hint as to where can i get those codes from.

On the other hand any other recomendation will also be highly appreciated.

TIA Mario Osorio Xantech - Urgent help needed

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Have you tried:

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What code group are you using?

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Lewis Gardner

Thanks a lot for your prompt asnwer. I'm using code A8. But I think I finally got it working, at least @ my warehouse: I adjusted the IR sensitivity and it's working like a charm. Hope it works as easily @ my customer's house. Once again, thank you very much

Mario Osorio

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