Xantech IR blaster failures

I have two old Xantech Jbox IR blasters. Every few years I would have one of the LEDs fail. In the past few months I've had four fail, two being ones that I had previously replaced. (I bought about 20 shelf- top Xantech IR blasters for the price of one on clearance years ago so I have lots of spare LEDs.) My theory is that more CFL light is causing receivers to drive the bus far more than was intended and the blaster was not designed for more than a tiny on duty cycle. During my last repair I replaced the 1 ohm current limiting resistor in series with the LEDs with a 2 ohm one. There is no obvious reduction in performance and I hope this will reduce the drive a bit. Has anyone else seen this kind of problem?

Dan Lanciani ddl@danlan.*com

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