Xantech to control playstation?

I've decided to install a Xantech IR repeater system within the house during the coming weeks (cables were already foreseen).

With the introduction of the new playstation3, I was dreaming if it would be possible to put the PS3 in the AV-room (with a long hdmi cable towards plasma in living room). In that case I should use my Xantech repeater system to control the PS3 through an IR controller.

Would this setup be possible? Ofcourse, we don't know yet the specifications nor the hardware addons for a PS3, but has anybody already tried such a setup with his PS2?

If there exists an IR controller for the PS2/PS3, wouldn't it be too slow through the Xantech IR repeater system?

Thanks for dreaming with me


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While the HDMI specification does not limit cable length, it is intended for runs up to 15 meters. If you want to exceed that I would suggest you do a bench test of the proposed components with a cable at least as long as (preferably 20% longer than) the final run. It would be a shame to discover after all is done that your hardware can't handle the distance.

Xantech won't slow the signal down. The only things that matter are whether you can get the IR signal to the media center (not a problem) and whether your system will get the A/V back to the destination room.

It sounds like a fun project. I have several nephews who would be delighted to help you test it out once it's done. :^)

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Are you not worried about using a game console with a Plasma TV? I would be afraid of burn-in of any elements of the gaming screen that are stationary for hours of game play.

My 42 inch Samsung plasma has several anti-burn in features, like pixel shifting and special wiping screens. My beautiful new 50 inch Pioneer plasma unfortunaely seems to lack such features.

Jim H.

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