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I have a Sony KDE-37XS955 and I would like to record to VCR and/or use the Picture-In-Picture function.

Currently the chain is HDbox to Receiver (via component video & TOSlink audio) -> Receiver to TV (via component video).

The VCR is S-video.

  1. Should I split the cable before or after the HD Box?
  2. Should the "cable out" from the VCR connect to the "cable in" or the "VHF/UHF" in on the TV?


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In regards to using the VCR, it's up to you. What *I* did was split the cable before the box. So cable from the wall goes into a splitter and from there, one cable into the box and one cable into the VCR. The box is hooked to the receiver -- both audio and video. The VCR is hooked to the receiver -- both audio and video. And video from receiver goes to the TV. There are a few advantages/disadvantages to this.

The disadvantage is that I can't record channels that are higher than 125. Not a big deal for me, since all the channels I want to record are lower than 126 anyway. And if I missed a show that was on a channel higher than

125, there's always timeshifting.

Would I get higher picture quality if the cable went from the box to the VCR? I don't know. I doubt it. And the VCR would just downmix the 5.1 to

2.0 anyway.

One advantage is that I switch everything at the receiver. I don't have to bother with switching at the TV at all. I just don't want to make things complicated for myself. Another advantage is that when I want to set the VCR to record something, I set only the VCR. I don't have to set the box to have certain channels on at certain times so that the VCR gets the right recording.

Now, bear in mind, I'm a novice at this stuff. I'm discovering new things about Home Theatre all the time. So don't necessarily go by my word. Best to get as many opinions as you can, and also try out as many things as you can and then decide which works best for you.

Good luck!

cheers, vij

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Tony, I just assumed he had a video upconverting receiver. I guess I gotta stop making that assumption. I've come across a surprising number of people who have a receiver that doesn't upconvert. Oh well. I *tried* to help. : )

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He specifically asked about picture-in-picture capability. Can he do

that if every source routes into the receiver? He'll then have only a

single feed into his TV.

My TV will not use the component input for PIP - or TVI or HDMI or PC

either (a silly error but not significant enough for me to buy

something else.)

I'd split the cable before the HD box and run one into the HD box then

through the receiver (if you choose to) and the other to the VCR. Run

components from the receiver to the TV and run cable from the VCR to

the "cable in" of the TV. You'll be limited on the channels you can

watch like vij says but you'll be able to use your PIP capability.

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Hi, Keep in mind he mentioned component video. Then video upconverting receiver will be handy. And choice of hooking up VCR is off the box thru RF connector, S-video or composite hook up. Tony

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Tony Hwang

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