IR extender?

We have a stereo unit in a closet - just because it was the best place to put it. It's out of the way and works great. One problem however, in order to control it, we need to keep the door cracked. I have been looking at the IR repeaters and IR to RF units and none seem to work great, unless you want to pay more than we do. Does anyone know if there is something that we can use to repeat/tunnel the signal from one side of the wall to the other? I thought about using a piece of fibre, but that didn't work. The unit we have is an Onkyo TX-8011. It is pretty amazing how little space is needed for the signal to get thru. Not that I would install something this size, but would a something like a sun tunnel work? How about a peep hole, light you put in your door to see who is on the other side?

Thanks Ken

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