Home Made IR Extender?

I recently purchased the Leapfrog LF-30s which has an IR extender.

My problem... I am using the LF-30s to transmit audio FROM the TV/DVD TO my AV receiver which is located in a loft area above my living room (where the TV is located). So, I can see the AV receiver (physically about 10-15 feet away) from the TV/Living room area) but my AV receiver remote will not reach it.

The Leapfrog remote extender plugs into the TRANSMITTER. I need it to help me control the AV receiver and not the TV. So essentially I would want it to plug into the RECEIVER which is next to my AV unit. The LF-30s does not have an input for the extender.

I was wondering if it would work if I used a matching AC adapter (same as the units have) and spliced it into the extender thing instead of the 1/8 jack. Plug it in and set it near my AV unit. Since this sounds a bit shaky, I decided I should ask first.

Does anyone have any idea how I can modify the remote extender to help me control my AV unit?



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