New 'N' vs an existing 2Wire Router, in a closet, to cover a smallish home

Got a request to relocate a home based network's router to a closet; the whole house is single level and sheetrock over wood walls.

- I'm thinking of placing it on a shelf up over the closet door. Up high is good, right? What of orientation as in mounting vertical vs laying flat on the shelf, in terms of the antennas, etc.

- The current router is a 2Wire 2700HG-B. Google is letting me down on this one. (Let me try again...) Hmmm, Seems the router is 'Wi-Fi certified HyperG' capable.

- End user has 80211.n in her laptop, I was thinking of recommending an 'n' capable wireless router to her, but now that I see the G in that 2Wire box is the important letter, not the B I'm thinking it might be OK.

- Will the 2Wire do OK being surrounded by the mass of the closet, and would a later model router, and/or an 'n' based unit, get through the walls better? (User has unit right now down low on the floor, but out in the open and suggest the coverage throughout the house is "OK, but slow..."

- How is the 2Wire in terms of security though?

Well, for now, that is my post. TBerk

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sounds good - put the router behind ANOTHER wall to make it go faster ?

why do you think high is good, compared to what .... low, middle, high ?

another good question - a RF donut surrounds the antenna... so, you want the antenna at right angles to the coverage area - ie vertical -

what's your question ? do you know the differences between B, G, and N ?

and why would you "recommend" the N-capable product ?

and putting it up "high" and behind a closet will make it go faster ?

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Oh. Goody, sarcasm, my favorite.

Yep, not everything there is to know but the difference between them can be significant.

End user was talking about network speed being 'slow', this being a subjective comment I was focussing on 2 factors; 'N' having greater throuput (but not apperantly better distance) than 'G" and her having some, as yet mind you unnamed, 'N' version laptop transciever.

OK, think what you want but the lady said "I want to put it up here in he closet, what do you think...". Besides telling her I could run the wire to it without too mucg trouble I also told her I'd want to look into it some more.

Part of that, vague as my questions are, is this and another post in this forum. What I get are the typical Usnet reaction, not that I should be surprised. Small wheatberries can sometimes be found among the chaff of the threshing floor.


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