Speakers with Bult-in IR?

Background first, question below:

Several years ago, we had a screened porch added to my mother's house. We've recently torn out the adjascent patio, to discover that the speaker lines had been frozen in the concrete when the foundation was poured, and has gotten destroyed along with what looks like must be low voltage IR cabling.

My Xantech connecting block also appears to be fried, I assume from a short that must have occured when the slab was ripped out.

I'm now faced with the task of finding an alternate path to re-route these speaker lines. I can just barely see, around a corner and down the framing for the soffit overhang, the speaker enclosures up in the ceiling. It appears that these low voltage lines are attached to the speakers, adjascent to the speaker line connections.

There are no brand markings on the outside of the speaker and I can't get close enough to them to see a brand on the inside. I will probably have to remove them to repair these lines.

My question: Do any of you know of a brand of speaker that has built-in IR receivers? This would explain this extra low-voltage wire quite handily. Brand and model number, so I can look up manuals, would be great.

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E. Lee Dickinson
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