Questions about Denon AVR-3300

I've had a Denon AVR 3300 for about 7 years now (bought it new back in

2000 or 2001) and have never really used all of it's features or connections.

I have 4 large Paradigm speakers connected to it (Front left/right, and Surround-A left/right). No sub-woofer, no center speaker, no Surround-B Left/right). On the speaker setup screen I've told it what speakers I have and don't have, and have told it that they are all large speakers. On another screen I've told it to send the bass or LFE to the front L/R speakers. On another screen I've told it to use

5.1 (not 7.1) and have set the multi-out sound levels to a fixed value of 0 db.

My DVD player is a Pioneer Elite 47a. I have it connected to the Denon with 6 audio cables (Front L/R, Rear L/R, Center, LFE) and also with an optical cable.

Because of a limitation of the 47a (content rights or digital audio protection) the 47a will not play DVD-audio or CD-Audio content through the digital (optical) connection (or it will down-mix it or convert it to stereo).


1) Because I don't have a center or LFE speaker, will the Denon mix those channels such that I will hear them on the 4 speakers I have - and will it do it if the source is the Direct-in (6 analog audio connections) and/or the Digital optical connection? 2) The Denon has pre-amp outputs (multi-out) to send selected source material to another amplifier. I can't figure out how to select the 6 analog-in channels from the DVD player as the source - or perhaps I can't?

Please post any responses - don't send e-mail as this is a bogus address.

Thanks for any info.

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