Daygon sub-100 question

I just got in a dayton sub-100 subwoofer. it came with 4 spikes that I assume are supposed to be for the sub to stand off the floor. only there are no holes for the spikes to go into. the only holes I see are where the grill attaches in front fo the speaker, do they go there? (making it a down firing sub?) but then this would put all the connection on the top of the sub. do I have to drill holes for the spikes to go into?

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Dr Nick
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From what I could tell, it comes as a kit from Dayton. It sounds like whoever put the kit together either didn't do it right or decided he didn't want to use the spikes and installed something else. Does it have any feet? Can these be unscrewed?

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I got it all set, apparently I couldn't see the holes because they were covered by the venier. it's all set, just waiting for the rest of my equipment to come in: Denon AVR-686 Athena Point 5 surround Athena C1.2 Center channel Athena B1.2 speakers

it's gonna be great, BTW, anyone interested in an athena C5 center channel? I"ll have it left over from the point 5 system


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