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I need suggestions on how to pull HDMI thru a 1 Inch Conduit. I recently pulled all cables out of this conduit (S-Video,Composite, Trigger Wire) to make room for Component wire. This conduit has at least 2 elbows. It's very stubborn to get Steel FishTape pushed thru. My last project was pulling comonent wire thru it, and it broke off during the job...I just bought HDMI and planning on doing this in a couple of days...When pulling this wire I'm alittle nervous on putting all the strain of the pull on the end of the connection...Please give me some advise... BarrenGonads...

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First of all if you're having trouble with a fish tape you can get a flexable attatchment that goes on the end to ease it around corners. You can also wrap a bunch of electrical tape around the end forming a small ball of tape - small - and this will also help it sneak around corners. Also youcan get some string anhd tie a small piece of plastic baggie - like part of a corner - to the end so it fill fit in the pipe but snug then put a vacuum on the other end. After you have your string in go ahead and put a couple of halh-hitches on the cable and wrap the end and half hitches with tape then have one person pull and one person push take it easy and it should be fine. I would add some lube as well. Since you probobly don't have cable lube you could use dish soap. It'll come oput greasy but it'll come out. Hope this helps. Hopefully the pipe is big enough to accomodate the end. Usually cable is terminated AFTER you pull it.

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