connecting 4.1 green/black wires to laptop and tv

Hi, i just bought a Creative Inspire M4500 which has 4.1 sound.

Anyway the system has 1 green and 1 black 3.5 plugs coming out of the subwoofer.

Back of 4.1 speakers

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I have the following 2 problems:

1) connect to laptop. My laptop has a regular sound card with an earphone connection. If i connect the green wire from my speakers to this... then only 2 front speakers+woofer work while if i connect black cable then only rear speakers work.

I want to connect both green and black cables so i will get sound from all speakers (i don't care if it is 4.1 or just regular stereo as long as 4 speakers have sound) ?

2) connect to TV My tv does not have an earphone area... only the regular RCA input How can i also connect the 2 green black cables to RCA. Can i treat the green as "right" and black "left" and get some converter which will connect the 3.5 male green and black to RCA ? If so, will this give me stereo sound from the 4 speakers ?

Sorry if my questions are very simple but i don't know much about this and i've been very confused with what i saw online.

Thanks in advance.

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Surround setups aren't designed to make sound come from all four speakers from a simple stereo input. I'm guessing because you haven't adequately described the entire setup but yours likely should have the sub plugged into the rear left/right outputs and it has it's rear left/right speakers attached to it. The front/center speakers attach to corresponding outputs. Your laptop have a pcmcia connector? Get a surround capable sound card to plug into it. On TV you need to plug into a surround system to get sound from all the speakers. Subs always plug into either a rear set of connections or a dedicated sub output.

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I can think of several ways to accomplish what you're asking. Probably the simplest...

Go to

Buy a Dual Headphone Adapter:

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That will connect both SW inputs to your laptop, giving you four [4] speaker stereo.

Again, from

Get a 3.5mm Stereo Male To 2 RCA Male Cable 5 ft.

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If your laptop has a line in, you can plug this in there and plug the other end into your TV audio outs.

This way you don't have to undo any cables and you can use your laptop as an audio switch / mixer.

If your laptop only has a mic in, you could try it, but turn off any mic boost in the Windows mixer and start with a low volume setting on both the TV and the mic input of the laptop.

I really wouldn't expect any damage from this [although *technically* possible], but the TV audio out will overdrive the laptop mic-in to the point of distortion very quickly.

If you can't/don't want to try that, pick up a 3.5mm Stereo To 3.5mm Stereo Coupler Metal

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$1.45 and leave it on the end of the TV's 3.5mm/RCA adapter.

When you want to listen to the TV, swap the headphone adapter on the end of the SW cables to the 3.5mm coupler on the TV's RCA adapter.

If you really don't feel like switching cables back and forth to go from the TV to the laptop, you could pick up an inexpensive av switch from eBay for under $10, but you'll need more [or certainly different] adapters to accomodate the switch.

If you're still confused, or want to try the av switch route and need cab;e/adapter info for that hookup, reply here. But it's actually pretty simple and straightforward.


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Gandalf said "input".

If that's correct, you're screwed as far as connecting the TV to the SW system.

If you meant output, then you're ok.

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yes i meant input.

just wanted to let you know that i got the connections and hooked things up and it works perfectly on both laptop and TV.

In fact the TV speakers remain "ON" when the output is connected to my

4.1 Creative speakers... so i sort of have 5.1 instead of 4.1 :)

thanks a lot for the help

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Cool. Glad all is well.

I don't understand how you're hooking the TV to the SW if the TV only has inputs, but...

As long as it's working the way you want, that's all that matters.

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