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I am from India, and am working on a project where I need to automate the closing and opening of venetian blinds.

I have gone thru some materials on the net, and found that at a few places, DC motors(24V) have been used, while at some stepper motors have been. There was also a third kind called tubular motors that have been used for this purpose.

I would like to know, which one of these would be ideally suited for my application?

I am also looking to construct the entire setup myself. What would you suggest as the best method to attach the cords of the blinds to the shaft of the motor?

I wouldnt want to make use of X10 stuff, at this point of time.


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You might reconsider your choice of motors. Look at using a cheap/used power screwdriver. It will be slow, but will not require an additional gear train, is easy to stop and reverse, and will have plenty of torque for raising the blinds. Attachment could be a drum pulley to wrap the raise/lower cord around. The blade tilt cord but could use same pulley idea but will be harder to control.

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