whole house audio on the cheap question

Hi, I was about to post this question, saw the recent thread

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it looks like I still have the question since I'm not in the league of $1000.00 or so for this. (wellll I am but my wife probably isn't ;)

I don't have a home network or killer stereo system [any more :-( ] or home intercom. I do have a clock radio in the bedroom, a bookshelf stereo system in the family room, and an old boombox in the garage. And I have an XM receiver that I drag around from place to place, pointing the antenna and using the built in fm transmitter and battery (xm2go model) For the sake of this discussion, instead of discussing the XM aspect of it, let's just say I have an ipod.

Instead of having to drag the ipod around as I go from room to room. What is a way I could distribute the audio on the cheap?

I've thought about an FM transmitter with enough power to do the whole house.

Back in the 80's when I was in my 20's and had a great stereo I ran wires around the apartment and had L-pads controlling the speakers in each room. That worked ok then and would probably work ok now too, just need to get a decent amp to drive the setup.

But I figure technology has changed a bit since then. So, if a few hundred on a decent amp and some wires, L pads, and speakers would be ONE way to solve this, what are some other ways? let's assume 3-5 places to listen, local volume control is necessary, stereo would be nice but mono would be ok in some places.


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Squeezebox 3, wireless ('nuff said)

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but it looks like I still have the question since I'm not in the league

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