UPB or X10 & which product

I am building a home and need some expert adice from you folks out there. Thinking of going UPB or should I go x10. I've got UPB deveices specified below, if you think I should go x10, please let me know the devices I need to buy.

Q1 - If I need to control only 1 light or series of lights connect to 1 switch do I just get a Master Dimmer (SAUS1130A) or would any Salve dimmer (SAUSR1) work

Q2. If I have a few lights controlled by 2 swicches doe I need 1 master and 1 slave?

q3. What kind of switch do I need to control a fan?

q4. What kind of switch do you recommend for a fluorescent light.

Which products do you recommend I buy. I've found the following UPB devices, will they work on my home? Are there better products I can use and do I need all of the following below?

Phase Coupler - Simply Automated - Universsal Phase Coupler - SA-ZPCB

Computer Interface - Simply Automated - UPB Computer Interface Module - SA-UMCDB9W

Single Dimmer \\ Master - Simply Automated- Single UPB Dimmer Switch - SAUS1130A

Single Dimmer \\ Slave Switch - Simply Automated - UPB Companion Dimmer Switch SAUSR1A



I need to Control:

a. 25 Light switches, of which 3 rooms have additonal switches controlling the same lights b 7 wall outlets c.2 fluorescent lights d. 3 fans

What is the best way to program these switches: Which Omni product should I go with.

Would appricate any help you guys could give

TS Frisco, TX

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