Unattended Installation WindowsXP and Software

Hi everybody,

I would like to know your opinion of the program MultiSet. Hope it'll be useful for the users of this group.

Unattended Installation WindowsXP and Software.

I work as an administrator for the Dvina-Computers company One great feature in MultiSet is that it does not require any special knowledge from me, i.e. I do not have to know how to write any scripts. I have created several DVDs that automatically install WindowsXP together with the necessary software (MS Office, Nero, FireFox, 1C...). Service packs and drivers are also installed automatically. Another key feature in the program is automatic software configuration, including WindowXP customization, i.e. you can automatically specify the necessary settings. Read more:

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If anyone has some kind of experience working with this program, please, share with us. Download here:
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You're not interested in our opinion. You're using that line to thinly disguise an ad for your product.

Nevertheless, here's my opinion. The ad is off topic in this newsgroup and the dishonest nature of your post is unwelcome.

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Robert L Bass

disguise an ad for your product.

the dishonest nature of your post is unwelcome.

I'll bet you even wrote that with a straight face...

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Frank Olson

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