X10 Problems

X10 Issues - am I the only one?
I recently Purchased some items from X10, as I went to use them I ran into
various shortcommings.
1- When using the ActiveHome Professional Kit Part# CM15A-SP-ISSO and the
software that was made available on their web ( they forgot to send it to me),
it seemed easy to program however, the s/w continued to hang my Media Center
Edition SP2 OS.
2- When trying to use the Socket Rocket Smart Screw in Lamp Module, they
failed to list on the instructions you needed to program this seperately prior
to trying to use the item from #1 above.
Later this was sucessfully programmed with a code to activate the device.
Ok, so now I have a s/w package and device to remotely control the Rocket
Sockets and the ability to program the Rocket Sockets - time to use the
3- I purchased multiple ActiveEye Motion sensors. They are wireless and simply
take 2 AAA batteries.
I placed 1 then 2 then 3 of them on my back porch with different zones or
angles between them and tested their range before the motion would set them
off. Great the seemed to work, I had them simply activate a lamp with an X10
Power House Transceiver Module (TM751). This allowed me to test the sensor
with a visual feedback of the lamp on/off. All seemed well, Again,I placed it
on the rear porch with the other two sensors - each with their own area of
coverage. Then over the next few days I experienced the following problem.
Wind would set off the motion sensor. More over, two sensors would be
activated and the lamp would continue to stay on ( it seemed as if the
Transceiver got confused), I also have an X10 Manual Remote Control CR12A and
I would have to use this to turn off the lamp. After a day or so of this
problem, I defaulted to only using 1 sensor on the rear porch.
4- Final Straw, after approximately 2 weeks of using the single sensor with
the lamp and fewer problems with the lamp being left in the on state - I
noticed I would walk by the motion sensor and it would not activate the lamp.
I would have to place my hand within a few inches to activate the sensor. I
concluded the cause for this was the batteries. Note I live in Tucson - so it
should not be the cold weather or else these would have an extremely limited
area of utility in the US. And if the battery life is less than 2 weeks - I
have no use for the entire set of items.
Comments welcome.
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My wireless MS13A unit's batteries typically last almost two years or more.
I have about 15 of these units. Some are really flakey and some are fairly consistent. The nasty part of the whole thing is the wireless plug-in receievers. They broadcast "all lights on" code every month or so. I have four of these units so I know it isn't just one flakey unit. I come home with all the lights on from time to time under each house code in usage.
On a few occasions I have founbd the system locks up also. This is due to the wireless receievers flooding the powerlines with noise. Unplugging them and back in again resets the units and away they go just fine for another few months.
I thought I could economize on electrcial energy usage but have found with so many unit left on all night from time to time, I doubt the economy is happenning. I have many macros to turn everything off about 3 times per day as the system cannot be trusted. The outside motion detectors PR-511 frequently get turned on and will not turn off without sending an X10 code from another unit.
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John J. Bengii
That sounds very much like the "endless dim syndrome" I mentioned earlier. This seems to be mostly a function of the household wiring. Some have resolved it by changing the location of the transceiver or changing the orientation of the antenna. Some have never found a cure.
I can induce it at will (by aligning the antenna with a live extension cord) in any of the X-10 made transceivers. I have been unable to induce it in the Leviton HCPRF All Housecode Transceiver.
"John J. Bengii" wrote:
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Dave Houston
These units hang up and will not stop transmitting until unplugged completely. There are no cords in proximity to the vertical antennae (save the 14/2 in the wall).
Does this sound like the same problem? Will it stop by just reorienting the antenna or does it take powering down? I got rid of the offending units (or was it two now?) and it hasn't done it for a few years now.
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John J. Bengii
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John J. Bengii
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John J. Bengii
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Dave Houston
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Dave Houston
X-10 has always has issues, there are many patches and work arounds, InSteon being one of those. Look at the two-way communicating technologies either RF or UPB, you will find it much more reliable and flexible.
The arguement I get from diehard X-10 users is cost. To that I simply say, you get what you pay for.
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