2600 NM-16A SSH Terminal Server: Termination & Break Sends

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For reverse telnet it is by pressing the shift key, the ctrl key and the 6 key usual show as shift-ctrl6

do not know if this will work for reverse ssh

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~ Greetings folks. As you can tell from the subject line, I have a 2620 ~ (IOS 12.3) with an NM-16A async module setup as a terminal server. This ~ is my first time configuring a Cisco system as such, and I have a couple ~ questions. ~ ~ First, after connecting to the console of another system (Sun Netra X1) ~ from this router via the following command: ~ ~ ssh -p 2033 ~ ~ I'd like to send a break signal to drop to OpenBoot PROM. How would I do ~ that?

router(config)#ip ssh break-string STRING

This was added in 12.3(2). 12.3(16) / 12.4(3) fixed a problem where a single character break-string wasn't recognized till you enter .

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~ ~ Second, once I'm finished - how do I exit the session? The only way I ~ have been doing it is killing the SSH client session, which isn't very ~ nice or clean. What is the proper way to terminate this SSH terminal ~ server connection from the router? ~ ~ Thanks all!

Clearing the SSH session from the client side is the best practice for disconnecting, and (as far as I'm concerned) is "nice and clean" enough.

So use the IOS exec terminal escape character (by default, ctrl-^ aka "control-shift-6") followed by X.



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Aaron Leonard

Ok - it looks like all this is handled by the SSH client. For example, I'm using OpenSSH on Gentoo Linux. To exit the session, I need to use the default sequence "~." (tilde-period). Because the IOS version I'm using doesn't support SSH v2, the send-break sequence (for this SSH client) of "~B" doesn't work (apparently that is a v2 only feature).

So, unless there is a way for an SSH v1 (err, 1.5) client to send a break signal, I'm stuck with Telnet only connections. Grrr.

I did a quick how-to for this on my site:

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Thanks, Randy

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Randal T. Rioux

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Looks like I'm a few versions behind that capability then!

Thanks for the follow up, Aaron.


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Randal T. Rioux

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