"Preferred" x10 Addrresses?

Or to catch modules that have somehow reset to factory defaults! (...ahem SwitchLinc...)

Personally, I leave A1 and P16 clear so that I can do testing of a newly installed device before assigning it a permanent address. (P16 is the factory default for PCS)

The keychain RF remotes that I have are units 1-2 on a selectable house code, so one would need to keep that in mind when assigning addresses (I think some are 1-4 too).

But I see no reason to avoid entire house codes.

- Mark.

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Mark Thomas
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I recall reading somewhere (not sure at all where) that certain X10 addresses were preferable to others (assuming not all 256 are required). Something about avoiding the "A's" and if possible using M!, M2, etc. Is this another old HA tale or is there something to this?

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Armond Perretta

I think it's an old HA tale. There are no technical reasons why some addresses are preferable. The advice to avoid "A" is based on the assumption that neighbors sharing the distribution transformer may also use X-10 and that they will likely use "A". In Lake Woebegone, every resident is smarter than his/her neighbors. ;)

"Arm>I recall reading somewhere (not sure at all where) that certain X10

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Dave Houston

Housecode "M" is all inputs open on the X10 stuff and is what you get when the codewheel has problems (or falls out after disassembly). I have had some modules with bad codewheels that intermittently revert to housecode "M", so I avoid that housecode now in addition to the ones above.

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