Network based media server for home automation?

Is there any software (ideally software but I will look at a hardware solution) out there that allows you to set up a networked media server that can be controlled by RS-232 to pump audio and/or video to multiple locations in the house? I want to output all audio/video from the back of the PC and route it through my whole house audio/video system. I need RS-232 to control it from my home automation system.

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Dandelion Acres

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Now with Dlink DSM-320 support.

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William Richardson

We're exploring the convergence of personal computing, media access and distribution, control and monitoring of environment and appliances and cross-platform adaptation of a large variety of devices, systems and protocols. Using a familiar user interface (a/v remote control) in an intuitive manner (point-and-click).

My perspective is as an integrator, providing services and products to end users. More and more main-stream, we are looking at what consumers are buying and what they are already used to using in thier homes and business. There will always be do-it-yourselfer's and gadgeteers leading the way, and I respect you (us) all. But as the technologies evolve and mature, we want to be in the *business*, growing and profiting as we have already been doing with security systems, home theaters and thermostat controls.

It's called "evolution".

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