Napco Quickloader with GEM-RS232 Not Working

I can't get the Quickloder software to see the panel. I have never used Quickloader under Vista. Does anyone know if it works under Vista? Any advice?

When I try to download from the panel it says "timeout". GEM-RS232 is connected via CAT5 and the supplied DB9 connectors to COM1 on my computer. I have a PCI modem as COM3.

Thanks! John

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John R
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You have only one option. Run in Windows XP Compatibility Mode. That should work. I have one computer we use as a "downloading centre". It's running Windows 98SE (don't laugh). It's a little workhorse and has never failed us. I have a couple of computers running Windows XP as a backup (should the horse "kick the bucket"), but so far we haven't had a single hiccup. Some of the more esoteric panels (we don't have many) have software that's only compatible with the old MSDOS systems.

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Frank Olson

Thanks for your reply. It didn't work. I tried XP mode, 2000 mode, and

98 mode.

What gives?

Any more advice? I'll try anything. This is really frustrating. I've got to be doing something stupid.


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John R

Check the COM port settings. Out of the box setting won't work.

  1. Open Device Manager: Start > Run > devmgmt.msc

Click "ports" > select "COM1" > "Port Settings tab" > "Advanced" >

Uncheck "Use FIFO buffer"

If that does not work.............

The next step would be to change the serial port number. COM1 & COM3 can conflict with other, just like COM2 & COM4 do. The serial port COM can be set in the advanced settings.

Click "ports" > select "COM1" > "Port Settings tab" > "Advanced" > (COM selector is on the bottom of the dialog box)

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G. Morgan

John wrote: "GEM-RS232 is connected via CAT5 ..."

The cable provided to me by Napco for both the PCI-Mini and GEM-RS232 is/was a six-conductor satin cable wired straight through (Pin1 to Pin 1 Pin2 to Pin

2 etc) -- not CAT5. If you substituted, are you sure it is straight through?

Is there a cable between the serial port on your computer and the GEM-RS232?

If so, it too needs to be straight through (not with TX-RX crossed).

If not, it is unclear to me what you mean by "supplied DB9 connectors"> The DB9 on the GEM is what connects to the PC, not the six-conductor ribbon.

Is the serial port native COM1 RS-232 (i.e., not USB->RS-232 converter)?

In either case, does it show up as working in Device Manager?

HTH ... Marc Marc_F_Hult

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The system will not work over CAT5. The GEM-RS232 only works with the supplied 6-conductor cable. If you need a longer connection, add a serial cable on the PC side.

BTW, if you were to use a CAT5 cable with one of the older modules, such as a PCI-MINI, the system would release the pre-packaged blue smoke. With the GEM-RS232 the only thing it will do is not communicate.

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Robert L Bass


Thank you very much for your reply. I really appreciate everyone's efforts to help me.

Normally I have the GEM-RS232 connected to my Linux computer. I have software that I wrote that monitors the panel. This works perfectly and has so for many years.

I moved the cable to my Windows PC so I can run QuickLoader to update the programming of the panel. I suspect the problem is not the cable, but the way I set up Quickloader. I entered the alarm master code as well as the alarm download code. I'm wondering if there is something else that I missed.

I don't program alarm panels every day so I must have forgotten some critical step in the configuration process.

I really really do appreciate your suggestions.


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