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I just bought an X10 starterkit containing a CM11F controller, 2 on/off swithches, an RF receiver and a remote control.

I would like to experiment a bit with my PC. I googled around a bit, and found 2 linux applications:

- heyu, which is a command line tool

- MrHouse which seems to be a GUI thing

Does anyone here have experience with linux software to control the CM11F ? Linux sees to be connecting to the CM11 USB interface, when I open the device via minicom, I seem regular activity coming from the device.

Zo any pointers to higher level X10 controller applications are welcome.

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It would help if you let us know what you are hoping to do with your x10 system.

Heyu is a 10 minute installation. With it you'll be able to control your two switches and with the RF receiver be able to execute arbitrary Linux commands based on signals from your remote.

Regards, Charles Sullivan (Heyu developer)

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Charles Sullivan

in the mean time I looked at the heyu features. For myself, they look OK, but the other people in the house are not so keen on commandline, so I'm looking for something with a GUI (perhaps built on top of heyu) that gives a graphical overview of where in the hous X10 controllable things are located, and per element, a sort of easy point & click interface to swithch them on or off, and perhaps with a right click have the possiblility to shedule (= create macros) some actions at a given day/month (once or repetitive) via a calendar like view.

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There are a few third-party GUI front ends for Heyu in the "Links" section of the Heyu website

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Other than that, Heyu is not for you.

Regards, Charles Sullivan

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