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I'm looking for keypads (4-6-8 keys) but withount any "electronic" functionality (no controllers, senders etc) - I have my own. I need just good looking switches to mount on wall. Do you know any www to get soemthing like this?


Greeting Ghost

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Surplus sources like All Electronics come to mind. Pickup a copy of Nuts and Volts magazine and look in the ad section in the back. There should be a couple of them listed.

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Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

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Yes, I saw this. But I need something more sexy... At least like this from Insteon.

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Try googleing this:

membrane keypads custom made

I seem to remember seeing a company that did small production runs at a pretty reasonable cost. The problem would be labeling the membrane.

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I've been looking for the same. On my to-investigate list are the keypads from touchplate. They make a relay based system, similar to the GE RR7/RR9 system. They advertise the keypads as momentary contact switches, and are priced somewhat reasonably (about $15-$50 depending on the number of switches and the model), so there probably isn't any custom electronics in there.

Some seem to fit standard decora sized openings, and some seem to have their own cover plates. Some have LEDs, some don't.

As I said, I haven't fully checked them out, but they are top on my current list for investigation.

If you dig into their products and like what you find (or even if you don't), please let me know as I'll likely be following the same path in the near future...

Marcus Hall

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marcus hall

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Yes, I know them.

You are right - they have switches only.

For me problem is with mounting - I'm from EU, so We have abother holes in he wall ;-)

They are very patient - so you can ask them by email about everything. Switches looks great, I would buy them - but I'm not in US.

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