Insteon SmartHome Manager V2 where are you???

Does anyone have any feedback from Smarthome what happened to Smarthome Manager V2? This was supposed to be released late last year to function with their PowerLinc V2 module... the software got delayed... they put it off a month... then a quarter... Their customer support would say "coming soon". Now it seems that Smarthome released only a basic TIMER software that is free to download. There web sites make no more reference to any imminent release of Manager V2 and customer service won't let on. Like they hit a major issue and gave up or seriously postponed it.

Thanks for any insight.

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There's an Insteon specific forum on the SmartHome web site. You might try asking this there.

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From a quick scan I learned they have an IR->Does anyone have any feedback from Smarthome what happened to Smarthome

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Dave Houston

Thanks for the tip on the forum and the quick scan. :-)

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I'm a SmartHomePro reseller, and I asked this of my account manager today.

He told me the software was in Alpha ("not yet in Beta"), and that when he goes home tonight he'll be testing it.

"It's a month or two out, still..."

He told me a little about it:

It is called Link Management Software.

It will go out and discover all the Insteon devices on your network, and download each one's linking information.

It will be possible to SEE which devices are linked together, as well as make or break links.

This sounds spiffy...!


I can't wait...


Jack :)

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