Froggy temperature sensors anyone?

I would like something that will log temperatures from about 4 or 5 locations around my house (would need to be wireless), and be able to either download the readings to my computer or poll it in real time. I could do a kit, but would prefer not to. It sounds like it would be very simple and I would expect everyone to have done it, but everyone seems to be concerned with turning the lamps on and off.

I have seen the stuff and this seems to be what they are intended to do. Am I right? Has anyone used these? It (eg radio weatherbox) talks about wireless froggy sensors, but I don't know exactly what it's referring to - are they the sensors from the pro line?

Is this going to be exorbitantly expensive? Are there other solutions I should be looking at? Are there any which could be polled over a wireless network?



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Brendan S (Scratch User
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