DSC 832 - how to reset?

Hi all,

I have a self installed that went into alarm status while I was testing it out and started dialling the numbers I put into it. Since the numbers were just my cell phone etc... The 832 has a trouble light engaged, that no matter what I do - won;t go away.

How do I reset the little bugger and get rid of the error light?


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Subject: DSC 832 - how to reset? Newsgroup: comp.home.automation => skavan I have a self installed that went into alarm status while I was testing

You're getting a "fail to communicate" error. You can't just put a cell phone number into the receiver number slot. RTFM.

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G. Morgan

Subject: DSC 832 - how to reset? Newsgroup: comp.home.automation => skavan

Who told you can enter a cell phone number where the alarm receiver number goes? You're getting a 'fail to communicate' error. What you're trying to do wont work.


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G. Morgan

Someone else posted recently that you can insert nulls in the first reporting number and your cell phone into the alternate position 2. This will avoid the "fail to communicate" error. Haven't tried it myself. No warranty for this info.

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RF Dude

The trouble light will reset when it makes a call that does not require a response e.g a pager.

I also have a DSC832, and after some playing around, I came up with a solution that works quite well.

Here's how it works:


When me or my wife disable the alarm, with Code 1, no call is made by the system.

When the kids get home and disable the alarm, with Code 2, I receive one ring/buzz on my cell phone.

When the alarm is triggered I receive two calls, if I attempt to answer any one of the calls I hear a series of tones, separated by short pauses.

The trouble light does not come on after the system makes any of the above calls.


The Settings:


Sec. 160 -> 002

Sec. 161 -> 010

Sec. 301 ->


Sec. 302 ->


Sec. 310 -> 2222

Sec. 320 ->

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

Sec. 344 ->


Sec. 360 -> 05 05

Sec. 361 -> x1xxxxxx (1=ON, x=OFF)

Sec. 363 -> x1xxxxxx

Sec. 365 -> 1xxxxxxx


The above settings assume the following:

a) An alarm company does not monitor the system.

b) You have a basic eight-zone system (PC5010).

c) You do not have the special dialer/speech module installed.

FYI: I have also configured the DSC832 to monitor the garage doors for open/closed status, without triggering the alarm. Post here if you want details.


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Bob Linca

Here's hopin' you have system smoke detectors installed. It would be down right embarrasin' to get a call you interpret as a burg signal and come home to a pile of smoking rubble...

Fire Captain: "We've got good news and bad news. The bad news is we got the call too late to save the structure. The good news is we rescued the cat and the dog and Fireman Jones has your goldfish in his helmet."


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Frank Olson


I'd love to learn about how you set up your DSC832 to monitor your garage doors.


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Configuring the DSC832 to monitor garage doors


Note: This solution, codes etc. are for the DSC Power 832 PC5010 Version


  1. Connect the garage contact (I used an AMSECO Overhead Door Contact) to it's own zone input.

  2. Connect PGM 1 or PGM 2 directly to the above zone input (use a resistor if you have resistors on your other zones). I used PGM 1 because it's not as flexible as PGM 2, which I'll be using for something else later.

  1. Program the garage door zone definition to 'Delay Stay/Away Zone' (06).

  2. Program the garage door zone attributes to the 'Delay Stay/Away Zone' defaults, plus Chime=Y (1-2-3-4-5-6-X-X).

  1. Program the PGM output to 'Away Armed' (17).

  2. Test it works.


How it works:

------------------------------------------------- With the alarm system disarmed, the garage door zone will chime on opening/closing. The garage door open/closed status can be seen on the keypad (I have the LED type so I can see it from the other end of the hall).

With the alarm system in 'Stay Armed' mode, the garage door zone will chime on opening/closing. The garage door open/closed status can be seen on the keypad. The alarm will not be triggered, as the zone is automatically bypassed.

With the alarm system in 'Away Armed' mode, the PGM output will "close" the garage door zone. The garage door open/closed status indicator will show the door as being closed, and no chime will sound (you will be out, so it doesn't make any difference anyway). The alarm will not be triggered when you return home, open the garage door, and disarm the alarm.


Remember, this solution is to allow easy monitoring of the garage door open/close status, without having to run outside and look.

To have the garage door become part of the alarm monitoring again, simply change the PGM output to Command Output Option #4 (22), and change the zone settings as required.

We have two garage doors, so I'll be using two diodes to connect the zones to the PGM output, this allows for independent monitoring of the doors. That way I'll be able to see which door is open/closed.

This configuration has worked extremely well for us, and on several occasions has stopped us from leaving a door open all night.


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Bob Linca

At my house, I'm usually the last person to go to bed... I always check all the doors are secure, and since my den is right next to the driveway with a great view of the garages, I know when a door's open (also know when my two sons get home). :-))

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Frank Olson

A Global keypad you have to select the partition you want. Set the keypad for partition 1. Put your smokes back on partition 1. Keep everything in partition 1 and you'll "see" it all as it happens.

Take out the "1's". You're communicating in "pager" mode. You'll need about four pauses (E's) unless you're slow answering your phone. If it goes to a voice box, watch how long it takes for the phone to finish ringing, transmit your "away" message and get the "beep" for someone to actually leave a message. Insert the appropriate number of pauses.

Don't program "A". Use a straight account code like "1234". Delete the second account code.

Set 362 back to 1xxxxxxx (smoke alarms on 1st telephone #)

You're not capable of "listening in". That's a CS (Central Station) setting. Leave it disabled.

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Frank Olson

I try to use this config with : partition 2 activated for smokes but somethings don't work....

-I don't receive call if the alarm is triggered for the partition 2

-when my keyboard is in saver mode, i need to choose a partition ( I

want see all errors, alarm, etc. at the same place is for this reason I

activate Global keyboard)

Sec. 000 -> pc55xxz -> 01 (global) Sec. 000 -> lcd5500z -> 08 (global) Sec. 160 -> 002 Sec. 161 -> 010 Sec. 201 -> 1 Sec. 202 -> 12345678 (13 zones total, 9 intrusions, 4 smokes) Sec. 203 -> 1 Sec. 207 -> 2345 Sec. 301 -> DEEE1E2E1E2E1E2E1E1F

(bip....bip....bip....) Sec. 302 -> DEEE111111111111111F

(biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip) Sec. 310 -> A218 Sec. 311 -> A219 Sec. 320 -> 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Sec. 321 -> 39 21 22 23 24 Sec. 360 -> 05 05 Sec. 361 -> 1xxxxxxx (intrusions alarm on 1st telephone #) Sec. 362 -> x1xxxxxx (smokes alarm on 2nd telephone #) Sec. 380 -> 1xx1xxxx (touch tone enabled) Sec. 381 -> xxxx1xxx (do I put #6 enabled ?)

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We have a DSC 832 system - It is hardwired in our system but does not go anywhere - We had a power failure and now signal 3 - 5 - 6- 7 are on and we cannot get the alarm to set. Any suggestions? LS

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