Does anyone know of a Post Light / Lamp Post Light that contains a wireless camera?

I need to replace the post light in front of my house and I think it might be neat to buy a light that has a wireless camera mounted inside it. I could point the camera at my front door to see when guests/ deliveries arrive.

Do you know of such a light/camera?

Thanks, John

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Not that I have seen but it could be easily done with products sold online checkout

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nick markowitz

Per John:

The two el-cheapo web cams I have played with (one wired, one wireless) do not seem to have whatever it takes for sufficiently-clear images/continuous motion.

OTOH, I'm currently fooling around with a IP PTZ camera that would do the trick - but it cost about $400 and it needs a wire.

I, too, would be interested to hear from those with more experience/knowledge.

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RHC: Another option would be to buy an Aiphone intercom with the built in camera in the front door assembly. Inside the home, the picture of the party ringing the bell comes up either in black and white or I believe colour on the handset inside the home (depending upon what model you choose and what you want to spend)

These work well but certainly won't give you the coverage or an outside mounted camera.

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