DB-9 chassis punch needed


I can't believe the prices...

I need to make a few holes for serial connectors from time to time.

These are the 9-pin size. DB-9...

The best way I know of is a chassis punch. The best one is made by Greenlee. It's their model 229.

Here is a picture... Anybody have any suggestions (besides eBay) about where to pick one up affordably?

Got one you wanna sell...?

Please let me know.

Thanks, in advance.


Jack :)

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Jack Edin
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I can't see buying a press and punch for less than several hundred dollars (Although you may already have the press, the cheapest d-sub punch I found was $247).

If you only need a few, why don't you try a local fabricator?

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Coastal Tool used to have some of the best prices. I haven't bought from them lately but when I still had the brick & mortar alarm company I shopped there regularly. They were a great bunch to work with. Here's their URL:

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Robert L Bass

I know, I had one for running conduit to my front doors.

For a D connector, how about cutting a rectangle with a sabre saw, then mount connector over hole to make the viewed side look okay?

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