What do I need to do to a router to make playing online safe

I have been under pressure from the kids to allow them to play Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth 2 online.

I have allowed the firewall (ZA Free) to allow outgoing data and it seems to let me get onto the link to allow the creation and joining of a game online.

My question now is, do I need to do anything to either the firewall or my Linksys BEF411 NAT router, to ensure that the computer is not left open as a result of letting data from others playing online. I really know rather little about all this, so applogies if this is obvious to many of you.

The game, I assume, has allowed a port to open when it requested if it could be added to the firewall exception list, so that others could communicate with me. When not playing the game, are such ports closed or left open. In other words, is the PC open when not playing the game.

Thanks for any help you can provide


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Martin C
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This is no firewall, that's a host-based packet filter. (unsuitable to implement any real firewall).


If you have no clue about networking, then your packet filter can't provide security anyway.

Closed, what else? Damn, is the funny ASCII graphic on page 21 of RFC 793 really that non-obvious?

And even further, you're implying that an open port would be a factual security vulnerability.

(*geez* People, we really need a FAQ.)

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Sebastian Gottschalk

If you close the program/game, the port closes too.

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