5.1 sound from 2 channel dvd player?

I want to upgrade my system to 5.1 channel sound, however my dvd player only outputs 2 ch. sound. would a 5.1 home theatre receiver convert the dvd output to 5.1 ch.? my dvds only have 5.1 sound on them. Any advice will be appreciated. I have little knowledge of the new sound systems.

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Look on the back of your DVD player. There should be either a coaxial and/or optical output for digital sound. The coaxial output may be labeled "SPDIF" (Sony Philips Digital InterFace). This is a single connector with all of the 5.1 channel information encoded digitally. 5.1 surround recievers have both coaxial and optical inputs.

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E Frank Ball III

It also depends on the receiver. Some can take 2-channel inputs and convert to 5.1 channel outputs by using Dolby Pro Logic II circuitry.

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