Cordless phone on wireless LAN?

I saw unexpected activity on my wireless router LED and when I logged
onto the router's administration page to check what was going on, it
showed a second device on my LAN with a MAC address and computer/device
name that I don't recognise.
Do cordless phones have a MAC address? Is there any possibility at all
that my cordless phone could be somehow connecting or interfering with
my 128-bit WEP secured wireless router?
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Sorry, cordless phones, while using the same frequency, do not use the same signalling method over that frequency. So this would not be the phone.
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nope - MAC is from an ethernet type of device - someone has found your AP, and is attempting to use it -
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what was the MAC and device name ?
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Got a DVR? Some of them have a network device inside and appear as a device... Matter of fact, I access mine over my wireless network...
How bout one of those tablet/laptops? Mine shows up as two devices....
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