CM11A EEPROM longevity question.

I've read that the number of times an EEPROM can be
rewritten before it fails can be fairly low (~1000)
for some older EEPROMs.
Can anyone familiar with the EEPROM chip in the
X-10 CM11A tell me if this is likely to be the case
with the CM11A?
Thanks for your help.
Charles Sullivan
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Charles Sullivan
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Mine all use a Microchip 24LC08B. The datasheet 24LC08B says it's good for 1,000,000 erase/write cycles. You should be able to rewite a memory location 10,000 times a day for 100 years.
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Charles Sullivan wrote:
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Dave Houston
Thanks Dave - much appreciated. (I have a user who is loading schedules twice a day and I wondered whether he might expect a CM11A failure after a couple of years for that reason.)
Regards, Charles Sullivan
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Charles Sullivan
Dave, your math is a bit off.... I calculated 27.4 times per day for 100 years. But the end result is the same... don't worry about wearing out the chip.
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Yeah. I realized my math was off right after sending it but but figured it didn't matter much.
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