best home control network protocol?

While looking for a X10 replacement, I found mention of insteon, z-wave,
zigbee, etc.
Is there one system that integrates a powerline LAN and lighting control
system so that
when I set up a powerline ethernet bridge, not only does it work as a
powerline ethernet bridge (equivalent to a hidden ethernet cable), but it
also allows me to telnet to the light switches and talk to them (e.g.
status, turn on, turn off, etc), and the powerline ethernet bridge as well
as light switches all act as repeaters for each other.
It would be even better if this system is compatible with future
appliances -- supposedly, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing matchine, etc
will also be able to communicate over some network. Obviously, a powerline
based tcp/ip network is much easier than having to plug an ethernet cable
into each appliance.
If there is no such thing, is there anything that comes close?
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Power line carrier seems good solution since Echelon LonWork launchment. However, it faces barrier of power line performanc quality. Thus, it seems to be better solution of ZigBee to replace PLC. Zig-Wave is spin-off from ZigBee alliance to enhance easy- deplyment policy to kick off the wekness of ZigBee.
We devote great effort to ZigBee home security and building automation in Taiwan. Our goal is build ZigBee sesnors around a small home to link to internet world.
Meantime, we put more human resosurce to overcome sophistake useage of ZigBee. For instance, we try to build a easy HW and SW interface to have users to set up home security by DIY.
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