Battery life on X10 CM11A Computer Interface?

I got a CM11A computer interface from X10, it's a little white wall wart box with a DB-9 cable to connect it to a PC and be programmed with the ActiveHome software.

This device has two AAA batteries, the instructions say they are to maintain memory if the power goes out.

In the ActiveHome software it says the batteries will last 500 hours, that's about three weeks. This conflicts with the instructions saying it's just for power outages. I'd hate to think I had to change its batteries every three weeks when it's plugged into a 110VAC outlet.

Does anyone here have experience with battery life in this unit? How long do they last?

Thanks for your help.

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Bruce W.1
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Dave Houston

The batteries in the CM11A are for backup to maintain the clock during power outages. They won't be drained as long as power is maintained. The ActiveHome software displays a battery life graph; which is an estimate based on how much time has accumulated during the no power state.

The batteries are likely to last more than two years unless power is lost often and for significant duration.

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